Thursday, January 10, 2008

3D Class First Class Quick Collaborations

First Day of 3D Construction with Ruth
Each team was given two mystery bags each containing 100 similar items to work with. Our job was to come up with idea to relate the items to each other in a repetitive manner, and attach them together in an innovative way.

Team Plastic Bags and Wooden Sticks

Team Plastic Ice Cream and Yogurt Containers

Team Balloons and Pencils

Team Plastic Forks

Team Milk Bottle Tops and Safety Pins

Friday, April 20, 2007

Yardage or Large Format Composition

Greetings. Hopefully everyone's caught up on a nap or two...
I'm going to write a bit here and there and we can delete my words later on in the process.
So this has been a very quick updating session. You'll see that many of the photo's need some editing. I somehow missed Steph's :(...sorry steph... I think MaryLou may have done some pics too, so maybe we can add her's in. (i can kind of hear you saying, "oh that's okay") but... it would be cool for us to have it to complete the collection.
So to all: let me know if I miss something.
I wrote you all a note down on the next post so...yeah... add to it using that format for now, and we'll swish up our mode of doing so later on.
Also...MaryLou send me a cool thing to post regarding that lady that embroiders in public places (on the bus seats) etc. so that will be something to add in later on.
Hopefully this will act as a good forum/communication tool over the summer.
Some good R&R, to you all. Kimberley

PS. Check out how tired we all look this past week, hey?